The Seattle band is optimized for one thing, and one thing alone: making music that’s as foul and disgusting as possible. It might be as simple and biological as “procreate and get yourself a family” or “pave yourself into the pages of history by creating something innovative”. We took it slowly. Then things just happened. War is brutal. S: I think many bands say that only because they like to think they are free of these thoughts, but I don’t think it’s true. It’s just a defense mechanism to say that. Call me old-fashioned, but I come from the 90’s second wave bm genre where Black Metal bands specifically were more or less Satanic. Annihilust. Bandcamp Album of the Day Nov 15, 2017, Twisted Horror (Split with Gruesome)by Exhumed, Riffs for Reproductive Justiceby Black Flags Over Brooklyn, An extensive compilation of metal, hardcore, punk, and folk songs benefitting reproductive justice non-profits around the world. Arrival - Spacepenetrator 5. Machine 3. TIBM: You often say that you are not political and you are not a fan of political expression in Black Metal, but you play war metal and in the words of famous Prussian general and military theorist Carl von Clausewitz, “Politics is war by other means.”  Why shouldn’t politics play a role in music? Illumined by the lights of Aurora Borealis, Finland is a gem tucked just about as far North as one can go on the European continent. There was always this conflict present: bad guys vs. good guys. Throaty Finnish death metal where the forces of good and evil battle for dominance. Annihilatus (殲滅白書 (Annihilatus) , Senmetsu Hakusho (Annihilatus)?, lit. TIBM: What exactly drew you to this sub-genre and when did you realize that you wanted to write this kind of music? TIBM:  Are there any parting words of wisdom you have for us and your fans? Apocalyptic thrash? This wild 35-track all-metal benefit album features Mare Cognitum, Panopticon, and more reinventing songs by Tori Amos & others. Some have stated that war is just a continuation of politics. 2. Barbaric Finnish war metal since 1999! Unquestionable evil? I’m not saying I’m super individual with my thoughts but I most certainly don’t like that “game of thrones” these politicians are playing. Everything.”. But is there an endgame to this? I think Asian religions are more reasonable with this, but then again, they don’t worship gods like these Abrahamic religions do. Annihilatus (Finland) – Unholy Mass Destruction (Demo) 2000.avi. I need to do something. But the first reviews were impressive. Biologically I don’t think there necessarily is any real meaning. Enter The Abyss 4. I don’t personally believe that there’s any other purpose but the one we give for life. Do the lyrics enable you to create a fitting riff or do the riffs inspire the lyrics?

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