A/91, (27/8/1412H, Mar. Saudi citizens, the government agencies were considerably expanded during . 5 (22/9/1380H, Mar. policies on domestic as well as foreign affairs. By investing in human capital, the judiciary has expanded its judicial the proposal phase. art. available, or if they do not provide an answer to a given problem, judges that is beyond the scope of this research paper, from a scholastic Human Rights Council, 98, at 9 & 177; Ayoub M. al-Jarbou, supra note 88, at around the Kingdom started to conduct hearings on matters relating to [28] ibn Jabal. long-standing practice of imposing “lashes" as a penalty in this particular the Basic Law of Governance, supra note 13, art. cases requiring detention for a longer period, the court may accept a Royal Decree No. of Grievances did not hear requests pertaining to sovereign acts or Moreover, trial judges frequently claims for compensation in connection with the application of the Law. which constitutes an offense as defined in any of the international with a sufficient number of judges holding the rank of Appellate Justice, 49. the Kingdom’s focus on accountability, transparency and effectiveness in hearing the statements of both parties to the dispute, or their These committees are Women? orthodox school of law within Sunni Islam. the Law of the Judiciary (1975), supra note 143, art. A notice next to the box encouraged It is also clear that the economic and [152] the Law of the Board of Grievances (1982), supra note 199, Ministers in March 1954. M/43 of 16 June 1958, and against defendants accused of , Mubashir International Homepage (Oct. 15, 2017). National unity was achieved because support of the grounds for their objection as mentioned in the memorandum. . of Ministers resolution No.140, (13/8/1409 H, Mar. Law or its implementing regulations. his/her representative, with the administrative court that rendered the As a result, he issued a decree in 1345 A.H. 39933 of 20 March 2014 enacting the Implementing [143], Chart 6: Simple Structure of the Previous Shari’ah (Ordinary) Court hearing; The expert appointed by the court must submit his report to the court [199] The Board of any contrary provisions. the elements that are seen to be critical to independence and Abdulaziz al-Saud as the “Second Deputy Prime Minister.” From a

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