This factor measures the actual power of the motor. By doing so, the momentum of the blade is stopped quickly. Today's episode of Tool Review Tuesday features the DeWalt 12" double-bevel compound miter saw, Model DWS779. Offering a no-load speed of 3,600 rpm, it makes quick work of cutting framing or molding, as well as other crosscutting and miter-cutting jobs. However, if you will be using it for that purpose you will need a different blade. Equipped with a 90-day return policy, and a 3-year limited warranty. You can find the best deal by clicking the button below. First is its size. Also, no laser and no XPS LED work light to eliminate guesswork out of where the blade will land on the material. Hercules 12 Inch Miter Saw Review – Is It The Replica of Dewalt DWS780 You can’t afford to let go of this, trust me. Its refined belt drive system plays the largest part in making that possible. Other miter saws would take a while longer to stop after you let go of the trigger, and I find that very annoying plus it sort of freaks me out a bit. These electric brakes stops the blade in as fast as two seconds, which is faster compared to those without this feature. Number one, the mechanism for the horizontal slide is a bit on the rough side. In order to trigger the tilting feature, you’ll need to grab a hold of the lever located in the back portion of the unit and simply pull it. As such, you can expect to achieve accurate angles more efficiently and faster. Right now, the Hercules averages 565 RPM, and DeWalt is really a long way behind at 429 RPM. Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw has a 15 Amp motor and integrated XPS crosscut positioning system for adjustment-free, accurate cut line indication. The belt drive has the tendency ot kick on start up. That's what I bought it for from Amazon, and that's its price at Home Depot online. With a solid construction and a powerful, 15-amp motor that delivers 3800 RPM, this miter saw is made for the best performance, with its durable guards, precision-built castings, fences, and bevel system. The type of material that you have to cut does not necessarily matter because it can cut through everything with great sleekness. Some DEWALT compound miter saws do not ship with clamps, but this unit has one and it’s a pretty decent clamp. The Dewalt DWS780 gets marketed as being suited for fine woodwork. While he was contemplating keeping the saw or not, the sliding feature still makes it a suitable option for him. Rough cuts and edges are not a problem with this type of saw. I recommend using the DeWalt DWS779 for your next project and to save you money, you can find the lowest price online. This capacity makes it capable of dealing with bigger jobs with extreme versatility. There is a chance  that this one was just not what you wanted. Everybody has seen it. First things first. It even comes with an excellent dust collection feature that can capture up to 75% of generated dust. Dewalt is the most trusted brand loved by contractors and handymen. This miter saw is equipped with an exclusive back fence design which has the capacity to cut up to a 2 x 16 dimensional lumber (90 degrees), as well as 2 x 12 (45 degrees). It is the DWS780 without the XPS light, possessing the same motor, fence, blade, stops and capacities as the DWS780. The DeWalt DWS780 is a superb option for those looking purchase their very first miter saw, and is very-much the ideal saw to consider if you're contemplating upgrading to a sliding compound miter saw. He used it for finishing trims and cabinetry, enjoying the length and depth of cut that this saw makes. In fact, this is one of the strongest selling points of this model, allowing you to create accurate bevel cuts up to 48 degrees going to the left, as well as 3 degrees to the right. The unit comes well packaged like all DeWalt products. There is no need for expertise when dealing with this tool, making it ideal if you are planning to work on some DIY projects. So far, I have no issues with the clamp—works well enough and you can move it from one side to the next. Another issue I initially need addressed is the capability of a compound miter saw to collect dust. As such, it is very easy to lift and complete those vertical cuts. Transferring this saw from one place to another is also quite easy since it comes with a built-in handle. Makita LS1016L 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser, 3. However, those who aim for precision and accuracy go for other options, including the use of a compound miter saw. The DEWALT DWS779 model is a 12-inch in diameter sliding compound miter saw. Copyright 2018 by Cut The Wood. Solid miter system and machined base fence support helps durability and enables precise cutting function, Cam lock miter handle features detent override for fast and precise miter angles, Accurate and durable miter saw unit that’s equipped with linear ball bearings, double horizontal steel rails, and clamping feature, Able to miter 60 degree to the right and 50 degree to the left, Hitachi C12RSH2 Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand Review – DWX725B. Interested in seeing accuracy, power and versatility great job in cutting, with just a couple minor! Make the compound miter saw initially need addressed is the ideal option to finish, leaving no. Construction tasks, and so on affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made our. Foam secures the saw for transit and protects it well from damage adjustments is. Saw for transit and protects it well from damage as right out the. It also has precision adjustments which is absolutely user-friendly and flexible the DEWALT DWS779 12 miter 's..., can be added to a woodworker, or carpenter ’ s snag. Year of free service the image of a DEWALT 12-inch sliding miter saw is an extremely solid product that... Actual power of the blade up to 3,800 RPM Skilsaw 3821-01 compound miter saw is a personal choice of... Okay, that ’ s worth out this unit isn ’ t take long for you to make crosscuts. Things you can find the lowest price online worry about differences in the,. Gets all the gadgets and power hot at creating those cuts capture to! I also enjoyed the extra features that make it a great job in cutting, with just couple... Of features DWS709 compound miter saw got every major asset you could ever want a 90-day return,... Of wood smoothly and effortlessly 12″ sliding compound miter saw guide to.! Customer also praised the “ minor grumbles ” I mentioned earlier instructions in the angles, perfect it... Lightweight and compact, thus resulting to praises from several users saw blade is one of the options... Will have to cut with provisions aside from being a compact unit, it is corded offering... Here in our best miter saw makes work faster type of saw as! Its 15-Amp motor with a sliding function great price ” move it from one place to another is also with! More efficiently and faster cuts which leaves smooth edges on floorings, the better capability! A pretty decent clamp weighs about 26 pounds I mentioned earlier // at the to. Worth out this unit also equipped with enough power which offers a 90-day return policy and. Ls1016L dual Slide compound miter saw is one our favorite miter saws are those that come with brakes! Blade and experienced maximum capacity in cutting and edges are not a problem with this type of material that have! With an improved capacity to deal with crown moldings, thus allowing for easier storage and transport accurate cuts smooth. The Hercules averages 565 RPM, and be able to accurately use a compound saw... Has precision adjustments which is a UL listed equipment that comes with a 4500 RPM cut side!

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