A peel is a treatment that removes the outer layer of skin, and is primarily focused on exfoliation to brighten the skin. Physical Exfoliants. The most glaring difference between these two types of care is that the scrub has a mechanical action while the peel is a method of chemical exfoliation. … One of the longest running debates when it comes to promoting proper skin care is differentiating microdermabrasion vs chemical peel… Exfoliators are agents which remove the dead skin cells from the upper surface of the skin. Peels are often incorporated into facials, even though clients may not always realise they are having a peel as part of a facial!’ ... ‘The basic differences between a peel and a facial is that a peel … Physical exfoliation, aka manual exfoliation, incorporates some kind of coarse material that sloughs away dead … Exfoliate: Peel Off: What is the difference between the two? This process is popularly known as … Exfoliating is a must-do step in your skin-care routine because it sloughs away dead surface skin cells, gets rid of pore-clogging debris and helps reveal a brighter, smoother complexion. The peeling is essentially characterized by its chemical action because of its richness in acids but can also have a thermal action when one decides to make a laser exfoliating … Exfoliation is a must for all skin types, even for sensitive skin types. This is a fact that everybody should have learned by now, beauty enthusiast or not. What are the differences between physical vs. chemical exfoliation?

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