John joined CNN in 1997. Orange County health officials focus on staying in the red tier as COVID-19 counts climb. A popular senator, she was easily re-elected to a second term. John B. They have one child together. Married to former US President Bill Clinton, she served as the First Lady of the United States during her husband’s presidency from 1993 to 2001. King’s mother suffered a fatal heart attack when he was 8; his father developed Alzheimer’s disease and died when he was 12. During her extensive career as a politician, Kamala Harris has always tried to adopt measures that encourage social progressivism. “Our election officials at the state and local level should be free to do their jobs without fear, without intimidation, without attacks. “That’s exactly right.”. In 2009, Time magazine named Jones as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. As commissioner of education, Dr. King worked with the Board of Regents to pursue an ambitious education improvement agenda. Born in Dorchester, Massachusetts, … He is the husband of attorney and politician Kamala Harris, the former Attorney General of California and the current junior US Senator from the state. View Net Worth. Are charter schools suspending too many students? Prime Minister Boris Johnson says Britain and the United States will work together to support democracy and combat climate change. A weary Washington celebrates a historic win for Biden and Harris, with revelry and relief. The results are fact checked and confirmed by a team of editors and industry insiders. "#BeBest continues to shine a light on programs similar to the ones I learned about at [The Boston... Joe Biden's lead in Georgia could endure a significant shake-up with a reporting issue on Friday in one county. Parents revolted at town hall meetings, screaming at King and calling him names. Trump won 47.22 percent of the vote in Wisconsin in 2016. He then became a New York State senior deputy commissioner, and in 2011, at age 36, rose to education commissioner. For instance, as San Francisco’s district attorney, she steadfastly refused to seek the death penalty for a man accused of murdering a police officier as she is opposed to capital punishment. King Jr. was confirmed by the Senate on March 14 after serving … Amancio Ortega. King does not yet have an answer to that question, but says he is gathering input from teachers, parents and administrators on the topic. The former Vice President was declared the winner in a tight race against President Donald Trump on Saturday morning after maintaining his lead in Pennsylvania.

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