At the vice-presidential debate Wednesday, Kamala Harris baldly claimed a President Joe Biden would do things it would not be in his power to do — like eliminate a tax-cut law passed by Congress on Day One and ban cash bail and choke holds, which are largely governed by state law — while refusing to answer Mike Pence’s forceful and repeated question about whether she and Biden would work to pack the Supreme Court. And yes, I miss it. The pollsters were wrong again — why do we listen to them? And for much of my life, I’ve felt like a frustrated would-be stand-up comic. It turned out only people my age or older got the reference to a 35-year-old controversy that itself gave birth to thousands of mordant jokes at the time — because, see, the neutron bomb was designed to kill people but leave buildings standing. The most astonishing thing about Podhoretz’s emotional tweet-fart against Stone is that just days before, he seemed well aware of how rotten social media can be. It ­rewards bad rhetorical behavior, it privileges outrage of any sort over reason of all sorts, and it encourages us to misunderstand each other. I heard from people on an almost daily basis that they loved my feed. Why aging Baby Boomers still run Washington, Pence does well hitting Harris, but election is all about Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump tweets from White House after Biden named president-elect, Trump tweets on Pennsylvania vote-counting claims flagged by Twitter, AOC facing heat for wanting to archive online posts by 'Trump sycophants', Agony of the tweet: Enraged Trump slams 'out of control' Twitter over censored posts, Unity with Trump supporters? It was a nervy deflection, so nervy that it reminded me a little of Otter in “National Lampoon’s Animal House” marching his fraternity brothers out a college disciplinary hearing by claiming that the attack on their frat was an attack on the United States of America. Pence was focused and determined, and often returned to score a point on an earlier question after formulating a clear answer during Harris’s time. He was arraigned in D.C. federal court Tuesday, where he pleaded not guilty. Legal Statement. Privacy Notice It’s the most interactive ­medium the world has ever known, and it’s great fun. Well, I’ve always written fast. Market data provided by Factset. The ego on Podhoretz has to be elephantine to believe that anyone truly cares whether Twitter banned him for joining an online mob and hurling a gay innuendo at Stone, who is married to a woman. Along with the highs came the lows. She even wrote an op-ed about it, saying that she may return but she won’t engage. His inconstancy on issues, and Biden’s absolute determination to be nothing more than the Not Trump, made it hard to focus even though the discussion was relatively civil and about matters other than personalities. But I almost never think about leaving. That’s crazy. Commentary editor John Podhoretz is treating himself like a small child who can’t behave. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. By John Podhoretz. Podhoretz, that’s who. Remove; In this conversation. That said, I don’t think Pence won the debate because I don’t think Harris lost the debate. Still, 50 a day. Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Harris mostly did not take the bait, but said she would not be lectured by, CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR OPINION NEWSLETTER. And a sign of how crazy Twitter can make a certain kind of person. Over the course of this decade, my follower count rose from near zero to 141,000 people. I once said “shut up and sing” in response to a tweet by a celebrated entertainer of color who had said something I didn’t like about the war between Israel and Gaza. But what shall it profit a man if he gain the reader but lose [sic] his soul?”. All rights reserved. December 26, 2019 | 10:13am | Updated December 26, 2019 | 11:36am. (RELATED: NYT’s Maggie Haberman Said She Was Leaving Twitter But She Just Can’t Help Herself). Personally. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. Of him. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Over the weekend, Podhoretz — who is, perhaps, the hairiest person I have ever seen in a swimming pool — says he was forced to reactivate his Twitter account to “still rumors” that the medium had suspended him. Search query Search Twitter. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. The Commentary editor has since deleted his tweet, but not before Breitbart News‘s John Nolte wrote it up and bashed Podhoretz for being a homophobe. “In solidarity with my colleague @maggieNYT – whom I believe is an absolutely stellar journalist, I too am pulling back from Twitter. For Republicans distressed by Donald Trump’s outrageous and perplexing behavior over the past week, Pence offered a calming 90 minutes of plain and simple political competence. I decided to quit Twitter this year after tweeting a joke about neutron-bombing a journalism school. Podhoretz spoke of “restraint” online and wrote, “We’re supposed to know about all this, but either we don’t or we just don’t care. Right. We've received your submission. Most recently, NYT columnist Farhad Manjoo advised journalists to stop tweeting. John Podhoretz is a columnist for the New York Post. Get the recap of top opinion commentary and original content throughout the week. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. “Waiter,” Pence should have said, “there’s a fly in my hair.”, That would have been the greatest moment in debate history, CLICK HERE TO READ THIS COLUMN IN THE NEW YORK POST. DOUG SCHOEN: HARRIS AND PENCE AT VP DEBATE — WINNERS, LOSERS AND MORE ON STYLE AND SUBSTANCE. Who does MSNBC “Morning Joe” frequenter John Podhoretz think he is, Shakespeare? Guess who is still tweeting? What a pity. View author archive; email the author; follow on twitter; Get author RSS feed; Most Popular Today 1 Election results map: Where we … When I tweeted with my emotions engaged, especially when I responded to something out of anger, I could feel the dopamine rush. “The fact that he’s getting a taste of his own medicine doesn’t bother me even a little bit.”. The only substance besides caloric food to which I have ever been addicted is tobacco, and I quit smoking 33 years ago. The tweet would resolve the emotion and bring me momentary and blessed relief. Yes, I said 180,000. That shameless policy switcheroo is about one thing and one thing only — fracking-dependent Pennsylvania, the state that Trump must absolutely win if he is to have any chance of prevailing in November. CNN’s resident Trump-hating balding man baby Brian Stelter was heartbroken. “Twitter is for sad fat people with weird personal lives,” a longtime Washington journalist told The Mirror. I like the joke he made about Commentary’s ‘circulation gains’ thought,” another Washington journalist told me on condition of anonymity. …there is something entirely new about a social media mob, and that is the fact that joining it happens at no cost whatsoever. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. So, too, did the Twitter fights, which are seductive for a combative person confident not only in his own views but in his quick-wittedness. You’re not hearing this right now because the right is in denial about the results as it works through the stages of Kubler-Ross grief. Most notably if not most interestingly, she hammered home without any shame a total change in her position and Biden’s position on the oil-extraction practice known as “fracking,” saying flatly (as Biden has) that he would not ban fracking when both of them said repeatedly in 2019 that they would. or redistributed. Legal Statement. OK, prove you mean it, Joe! And the thing is, it took me 10 seconds to tweet it and days to live it down. Last July, Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts tried to follow suit. And it was a burnisher of my ego. How America is reverting back to the feudal age, This story has been shared 63,724 times. His wife then accused me of being a racist — and suddenly I had thousands of people raging at me. One mark of how the words at any debate can be overtaken by unforeseen events was the fact that for about three minutes in the last half-hour, a bug evidently got caught in Mike Pence’s spritzed coif and stayed there while he spoke and while he didn’t — making it impossible to pay the slightest attention to the words he spoke. If I could find a way to participate simply by tweeting out articles and gnomish would-be witticisms, I would. I can hardly wait for February when Podhoretz returns with his pitchfork, presumably a changed man. Your Ad Choices Thanks for contacting us. “Given his proclivities, Roger Stone will enjoy prison,” Podhoretz tweeted. I was putting out an average of 50 tweets a day — while holding down a full-time job editing a magazine, with two firm writing deadlines every week, and raising three children with a wife who works full-time. A tweet is basically a one-liner, so if you’re a compulsive quipster who never quite got up the nerve to stand in front of a brick wall doing bits, it’s the outlet you always dreamed of. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Still, another Washington writer was even less kind about the whole thing. This guy. (RELATED: NYT’s Maggie Haberman Said She Was Leaving Twitter But She Just Can’t Help Herself). Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Full stop. Top moments from 2020 campaign's lone vice presidential debate, Pence offered a calming 90 minutes of plain and simple political competence, Biden’s position on the oil-extraction practice known as “fracking,”, Liz Peek: Pence wins VP debate -- Harris proves she's not ready to be president, David Bossie: At VP debate, Pence's steady hand vs. the uncertainty of Harris was on full display, Rep. Eric Swalwell: At VP debate, Harris exposes Trump as irresponsible, divisive and dangerous, a bug evidently got caught in Mike Pence’s spritzed coif.

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