"When I got out, I felt like a new man. A day doesn’t go by without hearing someone wax poetic about Timothée Chalamet’s razor-sharp cheekbones or Maluma’s tattooed chest. “I suffered through Space Force,” Chesky said. "I work in an industry in which we’re all quite vulnerable, I think, to mental health," Josh told GQ, last year. enjoyed seasons one and two but had decided to save three for a rainy day. It made me a bit insecure. Thankfully, I am not the only person to develop a quarantine crush. The goal was an intellectual interruption, a piece of art that could be unpacked and discussed at length. Other forms of content may get bookmarked—makeup tutorials, New Yorker cartoons, Rihanna outfits—but my eye candy archive takes precedence. O’Connor’s face now features prominently on the grid, but, cad that I am, my eye has already begun to wander—have you seen Ju Ji-hoon?! Pop stars, actors, and comedians are nice, but Vogue Runway’s Brooke Bobb outclassed us all with her current crush: President Barack Obama. The public-facing side of my rarely updated profile remains socially acceptable, but hidden in a multitude of saved folders is my secret shame: hundreds of photographs and videos of handsome men. Though I’d begun the year in a funk when New York’s stay-at-home orders started in March, I attempted a reset. If Christopher Nolan had dropped Tenet at that exact moment, my days could be spent fighting on a Discord server and leaving comments on YouTube video essays; alas, it was not to be. But the actor has spoken out about the challenges facing his profession, and their mental health. The lack of summer blockbusters led me to channel my frustrations through Netflix. None of that happened. newspaper archive. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. In 2018, Josh was cast as Prince Charles for seasons three and four of The Crown, and will be discussing the TV show on BBC One's The Graham Norton Show on Friday night (November 6). Since then, he's featured in 'God's Own Country', 'Only You', and the six-part series of 'Les Miserables'. When that wasn’t enough—still images and 60-second videos can only do so much—I sought solace in the two things that have never disappointed me: television and movies. Each day after I wrapped up the final video conference or Slack message, I leaned into limbo, zoned out for hours at a time, and berated myself for being in a creative rut. 30.1k Likes, 291 Comments - Josh O'Connor (@joshographee) on Instagram: “The Eye/LOEWE/Nature Spring Summer 2020 collection of technical menswear is inspired by the great…” joshographee Verified I wanted to lose myself in the beauty I saw onscreen, focus on choice lines of dialogue and smooth camerawork instead of obsessively refreshing the coronavirus subreddit. The Crown: Prince Charles' brutal 'scrapbook' about royal exposed, The Crown: Prince Charles star's brutal royal family comparison, The Crown season 4: Prince Charles star teases ‘thrilling’ scenes.

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