Let us help you find your culinary voice. (888) 354-CHEF. Today, Nolan is the Executive Chef and Brand Ambassador for Bon Appétit. It’s a lot of hard work. MHK asked: For all of those people desiring to do something, with food who might not really know where to start, can you give them some suggestions as to where to start? Looks like I'm good too :-), Thanks, Katherine! I think that’s a great list- so far, my pantry’s stocked…. She’s pretty enamored with some of Chicago’s best restaurants: Vie , The Publican, Café 28, and of course, The Tamale Guy. From casual weeknights to holiday extravaganzas, all meals were a creative outlet for the Nolan family. She had no desire to leave the city so it worked out perfect for her schedule and in ten months she finished her studies there and was later hired to work at Bon Appetit, where she is the Chef de Cuisine today. I had an appointment to meet Chef Mary Nolan at the Bon Appétit tent and she and I arrived at just about the same time. All Rights Reserved. Mary also spent a semester living in the Tuscan countryside just outside of Florence, Italy - an experience that fed (literally) her obsession with all things epicurean. - American Country Countdown Awards Show Early on in her career she worked at a fish restaurant in Philadelphia, something that was quite new to her. When I first arrived, I scoped out where I should be meeting Chef Nolan, at the Bon Appétit tent set near the entrance of the event. 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During every excursion, guests are immersed in local ingredients and cooking styles. And I love that chickpeas are on her must have pantry list! She is currently attending The Institute of Culinary Education. MHK asked: Did you always think you’d be working with food? Mary Nolan. It was filled with tastings of select menu items (which you can see here ) and chef demos would be set up later in the day as scheduled on the list of events. 225 Liberty Street  After graduating in 2008, Nolan worked as a line cook in Philadelphia’s Fish restaurant, eventually returning to New York City to work the front of the house at Prune restaurant. Growing up in Davenport, Iowa, Mary spent a great deal of time on her grandparents' rural farms providing an unmistakable appreciation for the origin of food. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Chocolate Cake with Almond-Cream Cheese Filling and Berries. She had an instant smile and was gracious and welcoming, making me feel instantly comfortable with her. For over four decades, the Institute of Culinary Education has been a leader in culinary and hospitality education. She graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin at Madison before going on to culinary school. Growing up in the Midwest and being close to Iowa farms, Chef Nolan says that her mother always had prepared foods and so she was constantly exposed to cooking and great food, which is what drew her back in to the food world once she began thinking about her career. I recognized her from previous photos I’d seen, and her positive, cheerful personality came out the second we met. With a fun-loving personality and an insatiable passion for all things culinary, Mary Nolan shares her sophisticated yet simple meal ideas and crowd-pleasing tips for memorable occasions on Food Network's Chic & Easy. Chef Nolan told me that she worked in the publishing industry for Gourmet magazine for nearly five years- first as a sales assistant, then as a promotion coordinator and finally as a copywriter before deciding to take evening classes at the Institute for Culinary Education (ICE)  in New York City while she continued working at the magazine. MHK asked: You have a background in journalism and a culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education (I.C.E.). MHK asked: What’s been your most challenging culinary work yet? I was happy about the chickpeas, too :). It was filled with tastings of select menu items (which you can see here) and chef demos would be set up later in the day as scheduled on the list of events.

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