02/05/2007. The Lead II used two single-coils, the Lead I featured one humbucker, and the Lead III had two humbuckers. Years of Production: 1979 - 1983 Write a user review Ask for a user review. The first model sported a single ceramic-magnet bridge humbucker bound in a quirky, oversized casing, which was much larger than most conventional humbucking pickups at the time. Fender Lead II: Piflechien 's user review 4 Guitar Player | 1d. Intersting to mention some of the people who "played" Leads - I don't think Clapton ever played his; Fender gave hime one and he later gave it to the Hard Rock Cafe. Fender Lead II Single Coil Pickup Specifications. A pair of retro doublecuts that were sadly long forgotten. The DC resistance of the Lead II X-1 single coil pickup is approximately 7.5 kΩ (9600 coil winds) vrs (7600 coil winds) on a Stratocaster. Morse built a "Lead I 1/2" by adding a Lead II neck pickup to a Lead I and adding a 3rd toggle switch - but it was only a backup to his highly modded Tele. The Lead Series consisted of three models – austerely named the Lead I, II, and III (four, if you count the prototype Lead Bass, which never made it to mass production). Fender introduced three budget-minded guitars in the Lead series in 1979. NAMM 2020: St Vincent, Bono, Eric Clapton and Steve Morse are just a handful of names that have been associated with the Fender Lead series over the years, its history stretching all the way back to 1979.The unique-looking double-cutaways will be making their return this year, in the form of these Player Lead II and Player Lead III reissues. Lead II single coil pickups have flat ALNICO polepieces. Can they find an audience in 2020?. Fender Lead II and III Review. This is at my local store:1980 Fender Lead II all original (except for the the case).It plays great and looks good.Just a few scratches but overall it looks pretty clean.$550 is the lowest they will go.Think its worth it? User review from MGR/A Musician/ music enthusist from Ojai, CA USA about Fender Lead II : Fender Lead II Playable, wallet-friendly and available in a variety of eye-catching finishes, the Lead II and Lead III are two very charming variations on a theme, that deserve a bit more attention at the second time of asking.

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