Now, It does not look like a timer issue at all because you mentioned the devices were always working fine. The NPS config on each server will be important to review. Make sure that your WLAN config is using both servers under the AAA tab. Rating useful replies is more useful than saying, What's New for Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO). What might be the reasonf for this my WLC 2504 is ruuning ver 7.0.240 having access points models 1231 and 1262. Hi experts, I am using RADIUS authentication to connect to the Wi-Fi network, I have two Windows Servers with AD where I have aggregated the RADIUS role and created the RADIUS clients, and so on. Did you export and import the NPS Config? Do you guess something? Shared secret, Policy Conditions/Constraints, etc... Just in case, do you know how difficult is the synchronization of RADIUS servers? You said there are no chagnes and the radius server shows no logs for the particular clients. #CiscoChat Live - Cisco Umbrella and Ford Motor Company Coff... #CiscoChat Live - More Intelligent and Confident XDR, Announcing ISE 2.7 as Recommended Release. after rebooting the controller only they could able to connect. After reboot of WLC, It put the radius server active and clients are authenticating, will this be a problem? Let him search the logs for usernames not only MAC addresses. I have delete the primary RADIUS server under Wireless > Access control > RADIUS servers and left the secondary server and try to authenticate, it was unsuccessful. I have built ESXI and have device subinterfaces configured and my access control, identity policies in place. Recognizing October’s Members of the Month. Let your RADIUS admin double check with multiple clients that you have. Only the clients connected to this WLC are affected (like disconneted). One more question about that. Please show us the output of the following command from the WLC CLI: Regarding the timeout, it is configurable under the RADIUS authentication page under the security tab: Security -> AAA -> RADIUS -> Authentication (or Accounting). Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. But I want to know if you disabled one of them globally or from under the WLAN. Do your clients authenticate via AD? There could be logs that the admin is not able to search for correctly. In the end I went into the user’s account and under ‘Dial in’ changed the setting from ‘Control access through NPS Network Policy’ to ‘Allow Access’. Yes, AD is replicating automatically, but NPS is not. Does anything need to configured in radius server like any timers for authentication? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Is your business ready for the ‘new normal’? What does the NPS log say when you try to authenticate? Tried just about everything to fix this one. Powershell – compare two mailboxes in hash table and export to CSV. I‘d recommend to have a look into the NPS log. Yesterday, we found that all the clients who are authenticated using the radius sever got disconnected and unable to reconnect again. Rating useful replies is more useful than saying "Thank you". How freqently the WLC will check the status of radius server whether it should keep the server active or not. RADIUS Authentication Failed (MSCHAP error: “E=649” R=0 V=3) Nov 20 2019 2 Client setup: Sonicwall NSA 4600 and NPS on Server 2016. If you make sure that request reaches the RADIUS server then check the fail auth logs for your clients. ), Making SCVMM Server Highly Available post install. PowerShell script is needed. If it is very difficult I will tell customer to implement it. (Could be different servers, but the same AD cluster)Could you explain the setup in more detail? Both of them need to be successfull. This looks like Machine authentication. OK, I understand, I will try it. Only new authenticating users will get affected if the server goes down. I have deleted the primary RADIUS server in the dashboard and the authentication is still unsuccessful. Thanks. These days I could see this traps logs offen and clients are unable to connect. As there was some problem with primary radius sever. If I authenticate with only one RADIUS server (the secondary) and get EAP failure is it due to previous RADIUS synchronization problem? I agree with @Markus comment. It actually does not matter whether you have one or two RADIUS Servers configured. Thank you very much! num_eap ='X' means the authentication failed at the Xth RADIUS packet exchange between AP and the RADIUS server. Whta is your RADIUS server that is being used? Hello All I have deployed Firepower. when i consult the radius sever admin, He says that for this paticular mac address we are not getting any request or logs and there is not issue with the radius server as other location clients dont have any problem. Are you using this NPS server for anything other than the Meraki AP's? You can issue the command (show radius auth statistics) to see the statistics and the timers about your server. The root issue was that the second NPS server did not have a certificate installed & configured in the NPS policy. Please see How to Ask the Community for Help for other best practices. 1.we are not using the any HREAP Mode access points, All are in local mode only. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Before there are two radius servers configured for WLAN as primary and secondary. In your case I think it is the NPS. If a user is authenticated then it will not get disconnected if the server goes down. We will not comment or assist with your TAC case in these forums. This happend 2 weeks back also, later we came to know that the primary radius ACS running 5.3 services are hanged. my seconday is only working and active now, only Im having the issue with this radius server because same time other area WLC are working fine with radius. Choose one of the topics below to view our. Same situation and this worked for me. You can also export and import the config in the GUI if you want. Maybe someone can help us. Client setup: Sonicwall NSA 4600 and NPS on Server 2016. If you make sure that request reaches the RADIUS server then check the fail auth logs for your clients. Error: RADIUS Authentication Failed (MSCHAP error: E=649 R=0 V=3). Let him search the logs for usernames not only MAC addresses. My default rule off my Access control policy is block (I used this in order to create rule restrictions for ... Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) is a cloud-based, multi-device manager that manages security products like Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA), Firepower Threat Defense next-generation firewall, and Meraki devices, to name a few. Any tip? AAA Radius server authentication with PEAP configuration failure can be due to these reasons: ISE authentication policy is configured for password based authentication, but the supplicant is sending certificate credentials. The config needs to be manually synched between the two servers.Maybe you should check this is the case. Your email address will not be published. Because I have googled out and seen that a PowerShell script is needed. If I run that same test from the Meraki dashboard it fails but my radius is working fine with NPS. Let your RADIUS admin  double check with multiple clients that you have. I have implemented this many times and not seen this issue so far. 2. RADIUS server failed to respond to request (ID 187) for client 40:6f:2a:06:51:c0 / user 'unknown', AAA Authentication Failure for UserName:host/dial1 User Type: WLAN USER. We've been struggling with this problem for weeks without a solution yet. So far I know there are two Windows Servers with AD, in each Windows Server I have aggregated the RADIUS role, Microsoft NPS. If it is very difficult I will tell customer to implement it. Radius server is located at different location. we have radius sever over WAN with PEAP configuration. Are you using Machine authentication for users to connect? Patrick will shar... Join us live on Tuesday, November 10th at 8:00 a.m. PST / 11:00 a.m. EST (and on demand after) for a chat featuring our customer Patrick Milligan, CISO at Ford Motor Company, and Kate MacLean, Head of Product Marketing at Cisco Umbrella.

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