No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. But the dogs say that people dissemble a lot. Landing to investigate, John explores a cave that leads him into the heart of the mountain, where he discovers rock formations that glow with a pulsing red light. In the present day, wealthy industrialist John Greystoke has been funding an expedition into the jungles of East Africa to locate the meteor, now a legend, and harness its unique energy. "[15] Neil Smith of Total Film said, "Phil Collins songs aside, the last animated Tarzan marked the final flourish of the Disney Renaissance and coined a whopping $448M worldwide. Clayton sees Jane returning to the camp and notices the meteor Tarzan gave her. What really sabotages Reinhard Klooss’ film, though, is a subplot involving a meteorite-derived power source. Tarzan is een Engels gesproken Duitse 3D motion capture-computeranimatiefilm uit 2013, geregisseerd door Reinhard Klooss. Andy Wareham as Tublat, the rogue gorilla who takes over Kurchak's troop. In the search of the extraordinary celestial body, Clayton will stop at nothing to rob the jungle of its invaluable resource; however, not if Tarzan and the daughter of the late explorer James Porter, Jane, can help it. and added "Having trashed one icon in The Legend Of Hercules, Kellan Lutz shafts another with vocals admittedly well-suited to the muscle-bound mannequin. Using his pickax, John attempts to collect a sample for study, only to cause a chain reaction that awakens the nearby volcano. Tarzan was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 5, 2014 by Highlight Film. Tarzan moves Kala into the jungle, where he treats her wound. She decides to head back. The film was released across early 2014 in other countries. As of June 2020[update], the film holds a 20% approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 30 reviews with an average rating 4.54 out of 10. One of Tarzan's friends alerts her to Tarzan's homecoming and the fact he has apparently taken a mate during his time away. Tarzan was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 5, 2014 by Highlight Film. In the ensuing battle, the meteor awakens the nearby volcano and the mountain begins to give way. Meanwhile, Kala continues to worry over her son. That night, under the stars, Jane and Tarzan admit to their love. Jane and Tarzan return to the nesting ground and reunite with the family, relieved to see that Kala is safe. which was kidnapped by a man who wants to put the panda in his private collection. Luckily, Tarzan's gorilla friends locate him and free him. She asks how Tarzan has survived alone in the jungle for so long, to which the wild man replies that his family took care of him. Tarzan received predominantly negative reviews from critics, who panned the film's storyline and animation. Als Tarzan volwassen is, komt Jane terug met een onderzoeksteam naar de plek waar Tarzan woont. The film stars the voices of Kellan Lutz, Spencer Locke, Anton Zetterholm, Mark Deklin, Joe Cappelletti, and Jaime Ray Newman. Orphaned and stranded in the heart of the untamed African jungle, little John Jr--the helpless son of the famous industrialist, John Greystoke--finds a new family in the shape of a mighty female silverback gorilla. Johnny is adopted into the troop and discards his former identity, choosing to be called "Tarzan", a name he made up meaning "Ape with no fur.". Only in Africa is Clayton's true nature is revealed. A group of animals waiting for the annual flood they rely on for food and water discover that the humans, who have been destroying their habitats have built a dam for a leisure resort. As the pilot struggles to regain control, they find themselves over the resting site of the meteor. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. The screenplay was written by Reinhard Klooss, Jessica Postigo and Yoni Brenner… 65,000,000 years ago, a mountain-sized meteor crashed into the Earth in what is now the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, with a major chunk of the object landing in Uganda. View production, box office, & company info. The film's motion capture was shot in the Bavaria Film studio in Munich, and the animation process was worked on in two studios, one in Bavaria and the other in Hannover.[7]. Tarzan chases the silverback away. Deze pagina is voor het laatst bewerkt op 29 feb 2020 om 19:44. Written by When the rest of the group tracks Jane down to Tarzan's hideaway, Clayton is shocked to find the Greystoke heir alive, and thus a threat to his power. The tale of Tarzan's misadventures as a boy as he searches for his true identity and the meaning of family. On a magical tropical island, a fun-loving group of misfit animals and people make a marvelous discovery.... a baby dinosaur frozen since prehistoric times! Orphaned and stranded in the heart of the untamed African jungle, little John Jr--the helpless son of the famous industrialist, John Greystoke--finds a new family in the shape of a mighty female silverback gorilla. The transmission is received by Greystoke Energies. Bad plot, awful human animations... in all a waste of my time.Predictable story line you know all the things that will happen before they do. Als Tarzan een tiener is, ontmoet hij een soortgenoot met de naam Jane. Tarzan introduces Jane to Kala, who is overjoyed at her son's choice in a female. Astounded by seeing her rescuer after so long, Jane travels with Tarzan, who brings her to his refuge. During a routine photographic safari, one of the Porters' latest clients wanders away from the group, unwittingly attracting the attention of a large, dinosaur-like flightless bird. She takes him back to her nest. One day, after venturing further than his friends are willing to go, Tarzan catches sight of a group of humans in a jeep. In the years since the Greystokes' disappearance, Dr. James Porter has continued to fund his expeditions by acting as a jungle guide for wealthy tourists. As time passes, Tarzan grows up learning the ways of the jungle animals. Despite their best efforts to escape, the helicopter crashes, and only John Jr. is spared. Tijdens een expeditie in Afrika is John Greystoke met zijn gezin op zoek naar een meteoor die ooit was ingeslagen op de aarde. Rejected by his superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes but finds the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo.

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