The only thing I'm not interested in is a compilation DVD, where several different workouts are spliced together and sold on one DVD. In the end, based on your comments and also the available inventory on Mary's site, I purchased the following DVDs: You can't go wrong with those. If I do six workouts, I’ll stick to the program. Click on the image, download as a PDF, and print out as many as you’d like! The Firm exercise videos were first created in 1986. They are my new shiny toy right now. May be slightly dated in some ways, but who cares if it works. Are you ready to begin your free week at The FIRM!? haha. I did like Firm Cardio and Firm Strength (Heidi Tanner and Pam Cauthen) worked out to those all the time. Thought that’s again purely preference. Come back anytime and print out as many as you like. Maybe related: I generally get in at least 60g of protein (but always have). The most toning-oriented of all the original Firm programs. Like you, I have muscle bulk but I find that it aids in weight loss when I’m doing HIIT specific workouts. Most combos blend the aerobics right into the... A 1992 workout that emphasizes minimal footwork, heavy weights and controlled movements. Every class, every promotion, every answer to your fitness needs. All Rights Reserved. You cant just "skip" because it's not an option. They are designed as PDF files to make them easy to download. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I even had to force myself to take a rest day after seven straight workouts. I picked my FIRM workouts because of the results I had experienced with them earlier in life. Adjusting a bit to allow me to do more tortoise-style workouts, and to have some repetition among weeks to hopefully see improvement. Thanks for the help. Thanks for visiting our print a workout calendar website! This is the best video to firm abs. 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,452. Good luck! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They rank reactions as mild, moderate or high. It comes with 12 workout DVDs, a Fitness Guide with a 30-day mix and match meal plan and workout calendar. Just a local challenge for people in my area to drop weight, period. I think it was some of my moderate or high reactions causing both the fatigue and the hunger. And don’t forget to ask for your free fitness consultation with Neil or Greta. I setup my calendar with the same day off every week (Monday! The FIRM is now open indoors! I think when I re-measured, I was down 6.6lbs and 3.5″ measuring just five spots. But The Firm fitness video format has evolved. JavaScript is disabled. Originally, The Firm workout videos always integrated dumbbells into the aerobics. ... Ontel Wonder Arms Total Workout System Resistance Training Exercise Bands. Choose your best options for you. Compiled from previous... Classic Firm: Lower Body Shaping. Tortoise– These are slow and heavy workouts. But in my years in between, I try to alternate sculpt and cardio, or not do too many tortoises in a row. The Sandahl Bergman workout was one of my favorites. Change ). And most of all, we hope you'll enjoy the products as much as we do. 75% cardio, 25% weights. ( Log Out /  Simply select any version and design. We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. But you get a glimpse into how others are doing. The Firm exercise videos were first created in 1986. So, for example, when you want to do Day 2, you have to fast forward through Day 1, etc. Research shows that's what happens when you combine aerobics and weight training.Cardio burn is a calorie-burning aerobic workout that firms and tones the... Three times the fat loss of aerobics? I leaned toward skipping cardio and hares. Also, I read some of your other posts where you experience lots of fatigue and you’re working on an eliminated diet. :) I got a ton of success with just Cardio Sculpt and Body Sculpt (heavy on Cardio Sculpt), so I feel hopeful! A lot of nostalgia in these workouts for me. Then I went faster and wanted to do workouts more quickly. And at a great price! high-impact/low-impact, fast/slow moves, long/short intervals). Thanks for all your input and also The Firm fun facts (an Arnold movie and a Moonlighting episode!). If you can breathe, you can do a form of yoga. I don't know about Calorie Explosion but I'm sure it will fit well with your choices. I know people will say you can't do the same exersice and see a difference but I disagree. Warm-Up/Cool-Down. Hell, even if I workout 3-4 days a week, that’s leaps over last year. Did you just do Firms or include other workouts? Prime Video This is how The Firm started. by Debra Mazda Eating the right food, exercise and living a healthy life. We look forward to meeting you. But the classics are a bit more confusing to separate from hare and tortoise. I think I'm going to start with the originals Volume 1, 2, and 4, 5 (Volume 3 is not in stock, apparently) since those seem to be a majority favorite. Have done this workout for years. Not only that, The FIRM has been around since 1986, is devoted to giving back to the community, and has instructors with 10+ years of experience. The FIRM is family forged through fitness. They are all completely blank so you can write down whatever you want onto them. You do more four limb in these workouts. Noticed that most of these older Firm workouts are going for a good price. Post-kids (2) now, though, so I’m not sure what results I can expect. Originally, The Firm workout videos always integrated dumbbells into the aerobics. It's easy to follow but tough — you'll burn some calories and definitely sculpt your body. I got BSS1 in late 2002, I believe. You will definitely not waste your time and money with the Firm. Beautifully designed fitness and workout calendars to keep your fitness on track. I suppose in that aspect,the actual calendar matters little. The FIRM is family forged through fitness. ( Log Out /  Thank you for your interest in The FIRM. ( Log Out /  It's nice that there are 5 days of workouts. And although I didn’t know of The Firm in the 80s and 90s, I have seen rotation calendars from then that were more generic.

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