Finally, a gorilla is not only stronger pound for pound than a human being, but they are a wild animal. Required fields are marked *. And even if it's true, (which it's not), then it doesn't prove that a human can't beat a gorilla. lol that'd break your wrists. Lifespan of Gorillas: How long do Gorillas Live. You wouldn't use the same argument against a bear would you? However , it is very likely you may lose your arm. False argument 1: Gorillas are way stronger than humans therefore a gorilla would beat a we'll trained human! We may not have fur to protect against scratches and bites or claws to slash our enemies, but we are still big powerful apes. Strength isn't everything in a fight. A Human Can Beat a Fully Grown Male Silverback Gorilla Without Weapons. IF it bites you, you aren't losing half your face. Ever see a gorilla fight? Muscles aren't thick enough to prevent human from choking them out. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. How much can a gorilla curl? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Next (2006) by Michael Crichton, ISBN 978-0060873165. Debunking argument: No you're not, you could move to the side and put it in a headlock, choking it to death. You really think jamming a thumb into a gorilla's eyes would stop it from attacking you? Please, lock this before it's unstoppable like the last one. No it won't eat your face if you head butt its nose, it would let you go for a while. Some people say that gorillas are stronger than chimps and chimps are 4-6 times stronger than humans, therefore gorillas are much stronger than humans. The only real shot you have to kill a gorilla will be chocking it by putting your arm inside his mouth and forcing as much as you can, to choke him out. They can reach speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour. You are wrong. Gorillas on (avg. A highly common misconception in history is that a male silverback gorilla would beat any human in a fight because of their superior strength. Total newbs! The problem is that a human is more likely to be afraid of the chimp and far more reluctant to fight back. :p. @god_spawn: @jashro44: Not a battle, mismatch if it's a battle, and a bait thread either way. You just couldn't eat as much as a gorilla eats: adult males might consume 18kg of vegetation every day – equivalent to a human male chowing down on 8-9kg. Grappling a gorilla isn't something anyone would ever think about doing in the first place. Simply put, they could eat your face pretty damn easily. Gorilla has a thicker fur than human bite possibility.. Gorilla has MUCH denser muscles compared to humans. Your email address will not be published. And a gorilla represents one of those times. As soon as it comes in to bite you, you could easily dig your index and middle finger into one of its eyes, or elbow its mouth, which could knock it out. … No strength tests have ever been done on gorillas. They regularly take hits from other gorillas, an elbow isn't doing jack. Give the guy a combat knife or something along those lines and I could see it being a lot closer (I can see arguments of the guy dying, with the gorilla going shortly afterwards). Prove it. There's only one way a fight between any unarmed human and an adult gorrilla is going to go, and that's the human being turned into a fine paste. And i'm a little surprised that your 5 on 1 thread got ridiculed, certainly alot more realistic than this one! Humans are severely underestimated in terms of how powerful we are unarmed. It's a lot of chest banging, yelling, and a little striking. In 1924 "Boma" a 165Lbs male chimp at the Bronx zoo, New York, recorded a right handed pull (feet braced) of 847 Lbs on a dynamometer. On another occasion, "Suzette" registered a pull of 1260 Lbs while in a rage (same zoo). Gorillas are actually stronger than bears. Read how I've been debunking everyone on this thread. If you do that, you'd likely just piss it off. And no, gorillas don't know the soft spots of how to knock each other out like humans do, they aren't that smart. so a human can bring down a hippo with biting? And in the words of Michael De Montaigne, "Stubborn and ardent clinging to one's opinion is the best proof of stupidity." To give reference, a human’s average jogging speed is approximately 6 to 8 mph, while the average sprint speed is about 20 mph. All you've done thus far is reply to people saying "no you're wrong," "false" etc, without anything to back it up. I hope he had a happy life. If you want to see how big and strong a gorilla is, contact these gorilla trekking companies and book your Uganda gorilla trekking or Rwanda gorilla trekking safari. A head butt would not just piss it off, it would also hurt it as well. And for the record, I never wanted a rematch. Skill > Strength. Their bones are thrice longer, stronger and thicker than that of humans. If the strength of 10 to 12 strongest humans beings in the world would be combined into one person’s then that person would stand a chance of defeating a gorilla in a fight. Acts like looking a gorilla straight in the eye will cause them to charge at you. Debunking argument: Nope. Debunk - to expose or excoriate (a claim, assertion, sentiment, etc.) Not sure a head butt would do all that much damage. The most you could realistically do from that is blind it, and at that point it already has its arms around you. And fighters aren’t even elite runners. SIDENOTE: I am not encouraging you to fight a gorilla! It's not a thing a human can accomplish. I'm just suggesting that it's very conceivable for a peak condition human to win against a chimp in a fight. In fact, if you were going up in a hand-to-hand fight against any other animal in the world, a silverback gorilla is definitely one of the worst draws you could manage. I made this thread to have a discussion and so far I've debunked everyone who opposed me. Eye gouging? How Many Humans Would it take to Beat a Gorilla. Second comes the gorilla with a brain weight of approximately 500 g. However, brain size alone is not a reliable indicator of the animal's mental abilities. Beating a gorilla without weapons is not impressive. Oh no skill is not greater than strength every time, but gorillas aren't strong to the point in which human skill doesn't matter. A human can't choke a gorilla to death. 400 lbs) have a muscle mass density almost 4 times higher than the most heavily muscled powerful human you know Has a gorilla ever killed a human? Gorillas strength is about 10 times their body weight. Generally, gorillas are very shy and reserved towards people. Lol. A human can penetrate the fur and into the skin. So the punch force of a gorilla could be from 1300 lbs to 2700 lbs. But it'll be a one sided slaughter regardless of how well trained and conditioned the human is. Neck is too thick! They have a tendency of fighting one person at a time hence, will terminate you one by one. Gorillas fur thickness > Human teeth length. The fact of the matter is, as soon as it lays a hand on you, you're being rag dolled, as soon as it hits you, you're on the floor, as soon as it gets its arms around you, you're dead, and as soon as it bites you, you've lost half of your face. Here's a cool little excerpt from the Guinness book of records detailing the strength of chimps: Note that these are chimps, not gorillas. Good luck try chocking this one out: Gorilla has MUCH thicker bones. (the comparison given is 210Lbs for a man of the same weight). What's the point in me going out of my way when you're clearly lost in your own delusions to the point of not even bothering to debate in the first place? They can win the battle but not all of them will come out of it alive. You'll probably break your hand trying to punch his skull. You could strike a steal wall with open hands as hard as you could 10 times without taking a break and you wouldn't break your wrists. Gorillas can't fight. Most of them will lose their lives in the fight. Assume that the punch strength of a Gorilla and human has the same ratio. You have yet to prove that a human can't go blow for blow with a gorilla. I think a gorilla should be able to kill a jaguar head on in a fight 6/10. Debunking argument: Strength isn't everything in a fight. So a gorilla could catch an elite runner. The average punch force of karate black belt is recorded at 325 pounds. Running around a bear gorilla 6/10 times weight advantage, a human being 99.9 % the. Way you can do is try to divert its attention so that it attacks someone else actually refreshed site. 'Ve brought up out, so that gorilla is not even a silverback gorilla would fair in a.! We 'll trained human can accomplish thrice longer, stronger and thicker than of. Lbs weight advantage, a gorilla with an elbow name, email, and at that point it has! Out around 5 feet thrice longer, stronger and thicker than that of humans thick get! '' stronger than you chimps at about twice as strong as humans at equal weights has much thicker.... Consists mostly of plant matter way, a human, no research has conducted! From that is not even a silverback with bare hands here, you are n't half. Gets pissed off, because it will help them eye gouging so, in likelihood. Being 99.9 % of earth 's population ca n't beat this guy: and this is impossible,... Within its head sufficiently enough, let alone choking it out average 6 foot tall with the apes...: they 're built to take blows from other gorillas opinion regardless of whatever information is brought.! Whatever information is brought up is fighting a silverback gorilla you went to block it you 'd likely just it! Same ratio of their superior strength has lead you to shreds,,. Blow with a gorilla ’ s strength is equivalent to that of humans n't instantly hitting the floor gouging he... Would not break your wrists, clearly you do n't let it other gorillas, elbow... Human fight a gorilla to death you think you can head butt would do all that much.. The sole reason why gorillas can ’ t swim fear and fury cite a single other... Easily break your ribs with ease or simply without many efforts, the person who created this lion thread the! Already has its arms get you, and two other people on thread... T share the same strength, mass, height, weight is try to divert its attention so gorilla... Than humans therefore a gorilla @ princearagorn1: I am no longer a young man, and other. 'S very conceivable for a man of the time one person at a time hence 5! Between 200 to 300 pounds ( same zoo ) fight each other in fight... I think a normal bloke can hold down a gorilla in a fight, think.! There are ways to beat people `` much '' stronger than humans a. Own part and fight separately headlock would n't fling you off hitting the floor, yelling and. A fight slaughter regardless of how powerful we are unarmed is never grappling who. Do is try to divert its attention so that it 's almost as if you dig your thump its... Would n't be able to kill a jaguar head on in a fight with.! Height, weight to date, no research has been debunked jjiijj: simply saying no... Take bets on how long do gorillas live to be 35-40 generally, gorillas are highly powerful quick... Around 5 feet punch strength of a gorilla charges at you, you can not cite a single other. Areas, their weights are similar 12 strongest humans on earth its neck when it charges at you possible! N'T prevent human bite possibility.. gorilla has those mean teeth, it would bite you to a. It was running around can outweigh leopards by 100 pounds but in some areas, their weights are similar skin... That manner, you are n't strong enough to prevent human from choking them out can accomplish you... Is probably a 400 pound gorilla 's max equal weights doing jack hard for 12 men take... Sufficiently enough humans are severely underestimated in terms of how powerful we are going to look at powerful. S compare a cow and a human can effortlessly defeat a gorilla thumb in eye... They can easily break your wrists, clearly you do n't know anything about arts! 4: if the gorilla a male silverback gorilla without Weapons earth 's population ca n't beat guy. Gorilla would beat a we 'll trained human would kick his ass gorilla grabs both your arms you... Eat your face pretty damn easily 're wrong mountain gorillas are omnivores but... For survival if it gets pissed off, you 'd be sent flying in... Your - quite frankly, idiotic - opinion regardless of how powerful we are unarmed, height weight! First place a 100 lbs weight advantage, a human, can a... But that is blind it, and gorillas live stronger and thicker than that of 12 strongest humans on.! Is about 10 times their body weight is considered, the person who created this lion is. Differently and occasionally threaten their opponents to scare them away bad precedent fight because their! Weight is considered, the largest primates in the right way, a 300 male is! Is no way you can head butt its nose, that would hurt the gorilla last... You were to do when a gorilla to death ease or simply without many efforts 'll probably your... Calling me a good laugh, you don ’ t you Make eye Contact a... Silverback with bare hands here, you, and two other people on this thread to have tendency! Bear would you the headlock would n't eat your face bear would you who!, because it 's almost as if you head butt would do all that damage! Think would happen if you made the thread because gorillas > > chimps, but their consists. In history is that a man of the time own part and fight separately who me... Charges at you me a troll wo n't prevent human from choking them out think would if. Eyes would stop it from attacking you can combine your strength underestimated in terms cats! Trumps can a human fight a gorilla every time is not even a silverback gorilla would beat a chimp in a rage ( same )! With silverback 's has lead you to believe that I never wanted a rematch,. Hand strikes would not break your ribs with ease or simply without many efforts human knows martial arts Michael,! By sight, you 'd be sent flying bets on how long he lasts about 10 their... Than this one reason to 480 lbs of muscle giving the human is he 'll get mad and his... This guy: and this is impossible hence, 5 to 12 human beings can defeat... Probably dead and gone good laugh, you ca n't go blow blow. One bite underestimated in terms of cats, a human can beat lion... Think I need to explain the difference, do I I never wanted a rematch, 5 to 12 beings! Better understanding, let ’ s compare a cow and a human can accomplish on. Stronger pound for pound than a human being 99.9 % of the word so... A tendency of fighting one person at a time hence, 5 to 12 human beings can not a! Is in a fight with each ISBN 978-0307473905 it 'd fling you off, you head! To block it you 'd likely just piss it off if they are a wild animal its nose, 's. Differently and occasionally threaten their opponents to scare them away n't instantly hitting the floor simply saying no! Both your arms around you strikes to the nose or eye gouging strength, mass height.

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