Don't have an account? It contains some adult situations (in the language) so this is something you may not want your kids to watch. I just saw this movie. Home » Film Review: Melvin Goes to Dinner on Netflix. Odenkirk's movie should inspire viewers to call up old friends, order a bottle of wine, and talk the night away. Films I Neglected To Review: What's The Matter With Kids These Days? Bob Odenkirk (Emmy award writer for Saturday Night Live and the Ben Stiller Show) directed the movie and was one of the main driving forces in financing the movie. No subtlety or chemistry between the characters.I hope he keeps trying to do more personal character driven stories though. While it’s funny at times, and the dialogue is fairly realistic, it’s a film that doesn’t quite have the charisma and charm to keep you engaged watching what is effectively an hour and a half-long discussion. The conversations touch on sex, infidelity, religion and other topics just like a real-life conversation. Had I seen this in the theater I would have. The effect is that you feel like you're the fifth member at the table. Its incredible performances and visual storytelling, combined with an excellent script, create a touching, heart-warming experience. Helmed by the great Bob Odenkirk (in his directorial debut), the humor may not be as uniquely surreal as his HBO series, Mr. Show (with David Cross who makes a funny cameo) but has the universal truths of the comedy inherent in our everyday … Melvin Goes To Dinner is an American film about a man who ends up spending a long evening in a restaurant sitting and talking at a table with his best friend and two strangers. So if you are looking for a hidden gem, here it is. However, that means it’s really difficult to get a hold on what’s going on with Melvin Goes To Dinner from the start, and given the less-than-exceptional screenplay and dialogue, it’s even harder to stay interested right the way through. When Melvin (Michael Blieden) organizes a dinner party with an old friend (Matt Price), two more acquaintances tag along. Loved it! The characters are smart, witty, not uncommon people -- we know them, or people very much like them -- and their emerging problems are more immediate. Isn't note perfect by any stretch, but it's great fun to listen to. If you don't like conversations then stay away! I really found this film a frustrating watch. It is hard to decide which element of this film is the worst: the acting, which is stiff, yet glistening with the desperation of young, hungry actors trying to find meaning in this piece of dreck; the writing, in which the aching banality is broken up only by the sense of irritation that is the inevitable outcome of listening to the ill-considered opinions of dullards; or the cinematography, which is flat, insipid and unattractive. Melvin Goes to Dinner had me laughing so hard. Reviewed in the United States on November 9, 2016. Reviewed in the United States on April 24, 2015. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. The payoff at the end of the movie didn't really live up to the build up.

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